Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NOTD - Pink Leopard Print "Inspired"

So today i did a pink leopard print & i got the inspiration from my hair straightener!
i didnt have a pale pink but i used the lightest pink i had. im really loving this look its my first time trying the leopard print freehand =]

heres what i used :
my franken pink as a base color
LA Colors - Bright Pink
Wet N Wild Black Creme
base & top coat from Nailaid

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taupe/pink Roses

This weekends look & for mondays floral challenge.
I usually go for bright colors but this time i wanted to do something more subtle.
Instead of doing them all floral i added some stripes & dots which on my left hand i forgot to do stripes! lol

What i used :

Love & Beauty "BubbleGum"
Love & Beauty "Taupe"
Nina Ultra Pro "Whipped Cream"
Cosmetic Arts " Wild Child"


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bright Mismatch Dots

I came up with this mix match polka dots in neon green, neon pink & Orange! Its really hard to tell the pink dots on the orange  but its more noticeable in person.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nail design with tape.

NailSide blogger has some awesome nail designs she does with thin stripes of tapes which she calls the laser mani's anyway i tried it out for the first time & it came out ok if my nails were longer it would of looked better. & i went for  some subtle nail polishes instead of vibrant. hopefully next time i get it right!

Swatch Avon "Mystic/Mystique"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swatch Wet N Wild "Black Creme"

Swatch Wet N Wild "Hallucinate/Hallucination"

Swatch L.A. Colors "Atomic"

Swatch Love & Beauty "Neon Pink"

Swatch Love & Beauty "Taupe"

Swatch "NIna Ultra Pro "Punki Purple"

Vintage Floral nails

First time trying to make roses, didnt come out how i wanted it to but it was my first time & from far away it actually looked cute & i liked it!

True Blood Nails

True Blood Season 4 is on sunday June 26th!

So i was inspired to do some nails designs which came out crappy!
i did fangs, trueblood, dripping blood, & a paw print for the werewolves after i did the paw print i realized i should of done that symbol the wolves have on there bodies, owell next time ill try & do this better.

Cow Print Nails

Swatch N.Y.C "French White"

N.Y.C "French White"

Without Flash

With Flash

Swatch N.Y.C "Times Square Tangerine Creme"

N.Y.C "Times Square Tangerine Creme"

Without Flash

With Flash

Swatch L.A.Colors "Jewel Tone"

L.A.Colors "Jewel Tone"

Without Flash

With Flash

Swatch Cosmetic Arts "Wild Child"

Cosmetic Arts "Wild Child"

Without Flash

With Flash

Swatch Cosmetic Arts "Power Play"

Cosmetic Arts "Power Play"

Without Flash

With Flash

Swatch Cosmetic Arts " Screamin Fuschia"

Cosmetic Arts " Screamin Fuschia"

Without Flash

With Flash

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dollar Tree Tripod??

Hello Beauties, So on saturday i went to the dollar store & while i was waiting in line to pay with my family i was looking at the medicure/pedicure little section they had & someone had left there a tripod so i looked at it & said ummm its only a dollar  let me try it out since i have a new camera. well i got home opened it & it  is actually a pretty decent tripod for only a dollar! & holds a decent sized regular point & shoot camera! i was glad i got this because now i have one when i need to take family pics or something , they do have others colors from what ive seen online but the black was right there so i got that one. =]

30 Day Beauty Challenge

30 Day Beauty Challenge

Day 14 - A picture of a hairstyle/cut you would like to have.
i always have the same haircut layered in front & back =]

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 new swatches! Cosmetic Arts frenzy & L.A. colors jewel tone

So this is Cosmetic Arts polish in "Frenzy" Its more of a dark grape purple & this picture with flash isnt true to its color.
This is what the polish really looks like! it was hard finding the right spot to capture the true color.

 Then i added over it the L.A. Colors Jewel Tone over it
Here it is without flash

New Polishes!! Saturday Shopping!

So yesturday i went out to Ross & the dollar tree & picked up some things i liked!

First i went to Ross & saw these polishes for 1.99 each the colors looked great so i picked them up!
These dont have names on the bottles but i did look up there website so i got the names from there.

Nail Hardener $2.99

Cosmetic Arts "Wild Child"
Cosmetic Arts "Screamin Fuchsia"

Cosmetic Arts "Power Play"

Cosmetic Arts "Frenzy"

Then went to the dollartree which is like 4 stores down & got this glitter polish!

L.A. Colors " Jewel Tone"

And thats all i got for polishes & i love them! ngot to go back for there other colors =]

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Have a great fathers day weekend!!

First id like to say that i hope you all have a great fathers day weekend with your dads or grandfathers & if they have parished or you just dont have one in your life enjoy your weekend anyway ! =]
Well the other day i had my daughter pick out hubbys fathers day card & gift! so she got him a card & some perfume, & i got him a funny card lol.  And his birthday & mine are next month! im july 7th hes 9th =] So i already bought him a bday gift online which is coming today! & then my husband got me a camera the samsung dualview im so excited to try it out so i will get it in the mail the next few days!!
Another thing ive been a stay at home mom since i was 18 so i never really had a job so i went & applied today in person & he said he would call back monday! so im crossing my fingers hoping i get it!
well thats all i have to say, i hope everyones weekend is fun & mine too lol!


30 Day Beauty Challenge Day #13

30 Day Beauty Challenge

Day 13 - A picture of your fashion icon.
Kim Kardashian has great outfits!