Saturday, August 6, 2011

Clear Flower Mani ( for extra short nails)

Hello everyone,
so since i recently cut my nails short i really wanted to paint them but i hate how it looks painted when there really short so i decided to just add some flowers to a clear nail & i also added a glittery top coat which isnt visible in the picture! well here is my mani i think its cute for short nails =] 

have a great day!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I havent been posting anything for a month now, ive been really busy i spend my time working out so i dont get a chance to decorate my nails. My nails have been so bad latley there diferente sizes & breaking alot so that def makes me not to want to post pictures of my manis lol. Well ive also been busy with my daughter shes starting her first year of school in 2 weeks! so ive been busy school shopping & getting her ready.
hopefully soon my nails can grow & i can get back to doing mani's. i still come on here to check everyone elses posts =]

have a great day everyone !!!

ps: here is my daughters lunch & school bag! its perfect for my princess & its so sparkly! Love love love =]