Thursday, June 9, 2011

Forever 21 Order

Ordered couple of things from forever 21!

Love & Beauty Nail Polishes

Terrifically taupe

(its a tan nude color close to skin type color)
the sticker on the back only says Taupe though.

(The sticker on this also says taupe so i have these 2 diferente polishes with the same name when there not the same color so look out for that)

BubbleGum "Scented"
(Does have a bubblegum scent to it but just a hint because the strong smell of polish takes over more)

Neon Pink
( A typicall bright neon pink color)

Then i got some earrings they were both $1.50!

Cute Bow earrings

Diasy drop earrings

And last i got some makeup brushes for $5.80!
i got it in pink which they dont have on the site but they do have blue & purple , polka dots & more!

Heres a pic from forever21

Comes with powder brush, angled brush, eyeshadow/eyeliner brush, blending brush & eyebrow brush

These are pretty good for 5.80 the eyeshadow & blending brush are a little bit to sofy & flimsy for me but i can still use them, i love the angeled & powder brush works great, i havent tried the eyeliner brush though. The handles of these brushes are pretty good aswell i thought they were gonna be light & cheap but there actually pretty thick & hard to me there the same or almost better as nyx brushes.

overall i like these brushes & the color i will have to get more! they have alot of cute colors & patters!


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