Saturday, June 18, 2011

Have a great fathers day weekend!!

First id like to say that i hope you all have a great fathers day weekend with your dads or grandfathers & if they have parished or you just dont have one in your life enjoy your weekend anyway ! =]
Well the other day i had my daughter pick out hubbys fathers day card & gift! so she got him a card & some perfume, & i got him a funny card lol.  And his birthday & mine are next month! im july 7th hes 9th =] So i already bought him a bday gift online which is coming today! & then my husband got me a camera the samsung dualview im so excited to try it out so i will get it in the mail the next few days!!
Another thing ive been a stay at home mom since i was 18 so i never really had a job so i went & applied today in person & he said he would call back monday! so im crossing my fingers hoping i get it!
well thats all i have to say, i hope everyones weekend is fun & mine too lol!


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