Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Polishes!! Saturday Shopping!

So yesturday i went out to Ross & the dollar tree & picked up some things i liked!

First i went to Ross & saw these polishes for 1.99 each the colors looked great so i picked them up!
These dont have names on the bottles but i did look up there website so i got the names from there.

Nail Hardener $2.99

Cosmetic Arts "Wild Child"
Cosmetic Arts "Screamin Fuchsia"

Cosmetic Arts "Power Play"

Cosmetic Arts "Frenzy"

Then went to the dollartree which is like 4 stores down & got this glitter polish!

L.A. Colors " Jewel Tone"

And thats all i got for polishes & i love them! ngot to go back for there other colors =]

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