Saturday, June 11, 2011

NAOTD "Nail Art Of The Day"

So in my previous post i swatched the love & beauty nail polish in bubblegum right? right! So today i saw a blogger by "Rebecca likes nails" & she did a cute cupcake design with other random designs so i was inspired to do my own & this is what i came up with & i had on the bubblegum polish as the base.

left hand ( made a bow, stripes, glitter, cupcake, & dots.

Right hand which is hard to do with my left i did , glitter stripes, stripe with dots, a heart, hello kitty & dots.
from this hand i like the hello kitty the other 4 fingers i didnt know what to do! lol

i def like my left hand best! this was fun & i cant wait to try more soon.

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