Friday, June 10, 2011

My Nail Polish Collection!

All my nail polishes i believe i have 48! & still gonna add to it =]

L.A Colors  Nail Hardener & strengthener, Atomic  , Bright Pink
Sally Hansen Tenacious Ruby, China Glaze VII, Confetti Tahitian Turquoise, Pure ice Wet t shirt
Avon- Quartz Rose, Mystic, Fuschia
Playboy polishes with no colored names

Forever21 love & Beauty polishes - Terrifically Taupe, Bubble Gum, Taupe & Neon Pink

NYC - 112 Times Square tangerine creme, 137A, 119A black lace creme, 111A, 105A Starry Silver Glitter

Wet N Wild - 425B Pink Petal Glitter, 424A Black creme,469 Hallucinate/Hallucination
Revlon Street Wear Jelly 06, Jennifer nail color, Maybelline Spirted sparkle mixed with a random pink color, Kissywear 682 Neon Pink

Nina ultra Pro Whipped Creme, a green mixed by me , Gift set mini polshes red & metallic brown

Nina Ultra Pro - first 2 purples mixed by me, Punki Purple, Tutti Frutti, Fuchsia Rage, pink mixed by me

Nina Ultra Pro - Bloodi Mari, Redwood,orange mixed by me, Kremecicle, blue mixed by me

Revlon Calcium gel nail hardener & Design a nail by dee (top coat for nail designs)

& thats all i have for now =]

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