Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Went out shopping today to pick up some things & i found some items i liked & purchased =]

First went to Kolhs & saw this dress in the sale rack it was orginally $36.00 on sale for $14.40!
Thought it was elegant & perfect for my birthday in July =]

Next i went to CVS & picked up my favorite bronzer from N.Y.C.
its a completely matte color with no shimmer alot of my other bronzers have gold shimmers in it & i like to apply bronzer all over my face to give that extra summer color so if you do that with a shimmery bronzer its not going to look good with glitter all over your face! so this matte bronzer is the perfect one & its only $2.99 in the color sunny =]

Next & last items i got these nail polishes that ive never seen in CVS before it had to be new stands .
So i picked up two Wet & Wild polishes for only 99 cents! 

This one is in the color Black Creme/Creme Noir (424A)
i must say its great for only 99 cents very pigmented!
Next is this sparkly color which i love to put as a top coat for some sparkle =]
Color is called Hallucinate/Hallucination (469)

Last one is by the brand CONFETTI it was $1.99! & they had alot of colors to choose from.
This one is called Tahitian Turquoise (065) Its a blueish, greenish color with a sheen to it very pretty reminds me of a mermaids tail & thats why i got it because its perfect for the summer the only thing with these colors is there light so you will need about 2-3 coats!.

I also purchased this rimmel fix & perfect foundation primer.

 and thats my haul! have a wonderful weekend! =]

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